My home away from home.

During the past week I have had the pleasure of temporarily relocating to the Sydney CBD for business.

The primary goal of my trip was to complete the deployment of a highly available Aruba wireless solution.

Having previously deployment an Aruba wireless solution using the Aruba 6.x code I can confidently say working with Aruba’s new operating systems is night and day.

This particular deployment consisted of 3 Aruba 7010 controllers which I designed using N+1 redundancy in mind.


Oh I forgot to mention the customer was sitting right on top of a beautiful cafe with delicious coffee. I will miss working from here…


Simplifying vDisk Updates

The most common task performed in a Citrix Provisioning Services environment is that of changing the assigned vDisks to your desktops. Citrix PVS allows you to roll out operating system and application updates to your Citrix environment progressively during your maintenance windows without major downtime or impact to your users.

Unfortunately, Citrix does not offer a simple method to change the vDisk for a group of servers without using Powershell or manually copying and pasting the device properties of a server in the PVS console. This makes it difficult for support teams or server administrators to update these images as it requires a working knowledge of Powershell scripting and troubleshooting experience.

To address this issue I have created a simple Powershell script which is built around the existing commands provided by the “Citrix.PVS.SnapIn.dll” module.

By using this script, it simplifies the method required to change the assigned vDisks which allows you to delegate this task to support teams and server admins.



AWS or Azure?

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I thought I would start off with something that has helped me tremendously when designing public cloud environments. The most common question I face in customer meetings and workshops is “What is the difference between Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure?”

For me, the below document helped me learn the different capabilities offered by each platform.


AWS & Azure Cloud Service Map